The CAE Listening paper has four parts. For each part you have to listen to a recorded text or texts and answer some questions. You hear each recording twice. Time allowed for this part is about 40 minutes. There are 4 parts and a total of 30 questions. Recordings may be from, in case of monologues, radio broadcasts, speeches, talks, lectures, anecdotes etc., in case of interacting speakers: radio broadcasts, interviews, discussions, conversations etc.

Part 1 (Multiple choice)

In Part 1 there are three short extracts from conversations between interacting speakers. There are two multiple-choice questions for each extract and you have to choose A, B or C. Test takers should practise listening for feeling, attitude, opinion, purpose, function, agreement, course of action, gist, detail, etc. There are 6 questions and 1 mark for each correct answer.

Part 2 (Sentence completion)

In Part 2 there is a monologue lasting approximately 3 minutes. You have to complete the sentences on the question paper with the missing information which you hear on the recording. Test takers should practise listening for specific information and stated opinion. There are 8 questions and 1 mark for each correct answer.

Part 3 (Multiple choice)

In Part 3 there is a conversation between two or more speakers of approximately 4 minutes. You have to answer some multiple-choice questions by choosing the correct answer from four options (A, B, C or D). Test takers should practise listening for attitude, opinion, agreement, gist, feeling, speaker purpose, function and detail. There are 6 questions and 1 mark for each correct answer.

Part 4 (Multiple matching)

In Part 4 is a series of five monologues of approximately 30 seconds each. On the question paper, there are two tasks and for each task you have to match each of the five speakers to one of eight possible answers.

Test takers should practise listening for gist, attitude, opinion, main points, speaker purpose and feeling: interpreting context. There are 10 questions and 1 mark for each correct answer.


The CAE Speaking test has four parts and you take it together with another candidate. There are two examiners. One of the examiners conducts the test (asks you questions, gives you the paper with things to talk about, and so on). The other examiner listens to what you say and takes notes. Time allowed for this part is 15 minutes per pair of candidates. There are four parts and you have to talk with the examiner, with the other candidate and on your own.

Part 1 (Interview)

In Part 1 there is a conversation between the candidates and the interlocutor. The examiner asks questions and you may have to give information about your interests, studies, careers, etc. Test takers should practise giving information about themselves and expressing their opinion about various topics. They have to speak for 2 minutes.

Part 2 (Long turn)

In Part 2 the interlocutor gives you three pictures and asks you to talk about two of them. You have to speak for 1 minute without interruption and the interlocutor then asks the other candidate to comment on what you have said for about 30 seconds. The other candidate receives a different set of photographs and you have to listen and comment when they have finished speaking. The questions you have to answer about your photograph are written at the top of the page to remind you what you should talk about. Test takers should practise talking on their own about something: comparing, describing, expressing opinion and speculating.

Each candidate should speak for 1 minute, plus there is a 30-second response from the second candidate.

Part 3 (Collaborative task)

In Part 3 there is a conversation with the other candidate. The examiner gives you spoken instructions with written prompts which are used in a discussion. You have to talk with the other candidate for about 2 minutes (3 minutes for groups of three) about the written prompts. After the discussion time, the examiner will ask you another question which requires you to make a decision. You have 1 minute to talk together and make the decision (2 minutes for groups of three). Test takers should practise exchanging ideas, expressing and justifying opinions, agreeing and/or disagreeing, suggesting, speculating, evaluating, reaching a decision through negotiation etc. Test takers should speak for 3 minutes (a 2-minute discussion followed by a 1-minute decision-making task).

Part 4 (Discussion)

The purpose of Part 4 is further discussion with the other candidate based on the topics or issues raised in the task in Part 3. The interlocutor asks each of you some questions and you discuss them with the other candidate. Test takers should practise expressing and justifying opinions, agreeing and/or disagreeing. Test takers are expected to speak for 5 minutes.